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I’m at the age exactly where I say, ‘when I was younger…’ or ‘back in my working day…’ significantly extra than I envisioned to and it is frequently about technological innovation. I never know when this changeover occurred, but right here I am. It just started off to come out. I now usually regale the kids with tales of yesteryear as each and every generation prior to me has performed.  

When I share these stories it is not usually with a nostalgic sadness or a longing for a time that utilised to be. That’s considerably from the situation. I’m an Elder Millennial, a Xellennial if you prefer. I invested most of my higher college finding out about Netscape and the web which for me, at the time, was mostly a video game machine and ICQ portal. Then I spent significantly of my twenties, and over and above, with all the world’s data in my pocket. It’s a transition that has been interesting as I have observed a good deal of new changes with technologies around the many years, for better and even worse.  

My eldest not too long ago utilized to publish-secondary education, a system that was entirely on the web, aside from the in-person facts periods the college held.  

The transcripts have been uploaded by the superior school, the sorts filled in electronically. The acceptances (yay!) were being also sent with a notification online.  

Again in my day… (see, I informed you!) we did it all by means of paper. Official submissions had been mailed off and we waited for what we hoped was a Significant envelope stuffed with an acceptance and a folder about the college and the forthcoming phrase. A scaled-down envelop quite possibly intended a rejection letter. But I could be earning that up also because it was so extended in the past.  

There is something to be explained about the recent ‘instant’ method. It was rapid, and other than refreshing email and the portal to see if there was an update, you didn’t have to wait to get the mail daily. I believe this is a favourable alter and just one that helps make sense. 

This isn’t the only area in schooling that leads me to convey up the ‘when I was younger’ tales. Now, the young ones are pulling out laptops and PowerPoint to generate shows alternatively of bubble letters and slash-outs on Bristol board. Don’t forget the bubble letters?! 

They are reviewing notes in Google Classroom and Phrase files and distributing function just about completely on the web with a couple exceptions. I was happy to see printed review notes with color coding lately remaining employed. I am a massive believer in owning paper copies and creating out some notes!  

All of this appears so distinct from our times of projectors and VHS stands.  

Each individual era will have their own stories, their own strategies of performing points. There is room for all encounters and to find out from each other or acquire an comprehension thanks to the distinctions. 

I suspect if you are a guardian of a certain age, with little ones who are older, you have your possess ‘when I was younger’ tales that you share. Do they dangle on your just about every phrase, or do you hear a faint whisper of ‘here we go again’ as you get started? Just thinking.  

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